Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover is a type of insurance designed to pay you a lump sum amount if you develop any of the defined serious medical conditions in the policy. The goal of the insurance is to help you financially as you take the time to recover from your serious illness or injury.

Why Is It Important?

It always pays to be prepared. No matter how fit and healthy you are today, you could still suffer from a serious medical condition in the future. 

A major illness can have a huge effect on your physical and emotional well-being. Your condition will likely prevent you from earning money from your job. On top of that, you will have the cost of additional medication. 

Without insurance, your savings could soon go down the drain. Trauma cover can help minimise the financial impact of a serious illness. 

Benefits of Trauma Cover

Most policymakers would allow you to customise the level of cover according to what you want. When your circumstances change, it is possible to increase your coverage and protection.

If your illness or condition falls under the criteria stated in the policy, you will receive a lump sum that you can use as you need or like. To be eligible for your claim, you need to survive for a period of 14 days from the date of diagnosis of the serious medical condition.

Talk to our Financial Advisers

  • You will personally decide on how much coverage you want to have. Think about you and your family's financial situation. How much income would you need to sustain your lifestyle while you could not go to work? 
  • The cost of insurance generally increases as you get older. It is always best to get one as soon as you can in order to save on premiums. 
  • Trauma cover insurance can be combined with other life insurance products. If interested, please contact us.

What else should I know about Trauma Cover?

Common medical conditions that may be covered are heart attack, stroke, cancer, coma, major head injury & major organ transplant, etc. 

But before signing anything, it is important that you fully understand what illnesses and conditions are actually covered by the policy. A cheaper insurance policy may contain more illness exclusions and fewer benefits. 

Talk to us  and let us work together to secure your future.

  • We will help you compare and evaluate trauma policies from different companies.
  • Your best interests are our priority when giving personalised advice. We don’t work for commissions.
  • We will guide you in choosing the most trauma policy for your situation, needs and budget.
  • We will help you make a trauma insurance claim. Let us know about your circumstances so we can assist you in getting a speedy assessment. 

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