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Stressing over having too many debts? Start taking control of your finances by getting a debt consolidation loan on your home equity. Trust us, this can simplify your life for the better.

Let's Face It - You Need Help!

When you are stuck with paying multiple loans every month, it is easy to get stressed and disoriented. From time to time, you might even miss the payment due dates on your credit cards and other personal loans.

How can you manage your finances?

Debt consolidation is a smart way to solve your problems. Through this management program, you can combine all your existing loans and credit card balances into one loan with better payment terms.

The benefits of debt consolidation

  • You only need to settle one single payment every month. It will be easier to monitor your loans and keep up with the repayment schedule. 
  • The interest rate is usually fixed and lower than the rates on credit cards.
  • A debt consolidation loan in NZ can be secured or unsecured. You have options to choose from! 
  • Consolidation can make your life so much simpler.

The risks of debt consolidation

  • There can be additional fees and charges associated with a debt consolidation loan.
  • Lenders usually set loan limits depending on the borrower's credit rating. You may not be able to consolidate all of your loans if your credit score is low. 
  • Repayment terms could be longer if you choose to lower your monthly payment amounts. This means that the total costs could actually be higher when you consolidate your debts.
  • Once your credit card is free from outstanding debts, you may be tempted to start using it again. The risk of getting more debt is high if you will not be able to control your spending.

It is never too late to start taking control of your finances. Paying off your debts is not easy, but we are here to get you back on the right track. Contact us today.

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